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Community is very important to The Vintage Foundation, Inc. While we understand that our communities possess a myriad of needs, we also realize that it is the social responsibility of organizations like The Vintage Foundation, Inc. to play a key role in social equity and humanitarian efforts.


Our Cause

The Vintage Foundation, Inc. was founded and exists to improve our community through outreach and philanthropy. To that end, we will seek and identify ways to utilize intellectual, human and financial capital for the betterment of others. 


Our Commitment

To remain socially and consciously aware of the needs of others

To give of our time and resources for the betterment of the community

To educate and inform for the purpose of affecting change

To serve the community with fervor and gratitude in all that we do

To partner with other organizations that seek to improve the lives of those in need 

To constantly regenerate the spirit of Giving Back

To serve with a standard of excellence and humility

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Who We Are

The Vintage Foundation, Inc. was Founded in 2011 by Densel and Nikki Fleming to serve as the philanthropic arm of their company, Vintage Wealth Management Group, Inc. ​This Private Foundation is a 501(c)3, that exists for the purpose of improving the community through targeted outreach and philanthropy. The Vintage Foundation, Inc. supports the community by financially Giving Back in the areas of Education, Health, Social Issues and Economic Disparities and is a proud member of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits and a proud partner of SHARE Charlotte. Further, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Nikki Fleming, is also a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals as well as a member of the Nonprofit Learning Lab.

Why We Serve

"There is so much work to be done in our communities and, in reality, all we have to do is simply do the work. Solving complex problems can sometimes be achieved through very simple solutions. Giving Back, for example, is a basic, yet impactful, solution for many of our greatest social challenges and if we join together to collectively share our time, resources and ideas, we can affect real change in our communities. I truly believe that service is the greatest gift that we can give to others and, I, therefore, choose to lead by example. Philanthropy and Giving Back are not opportunities reserved only for the wealthy - they are a way of life that can be practiced by anyone that desires to make a difference in the lives of others."  

Nikki Fleming, MSW 

Co-Founder/Executive Director

How We Serve

The Vintage Foundation, Inc. is committed to serving, partnering and giving in order to improve the lives of individuals in need. In addition to providing financial support to Nonprofits that serve the community within the core areas of support, this organization also remains passionate about Leadership Development and Economic Empowerment. The Vintage Foundation, Inc. prides itself on being a bastion of Social Entrepreneurship and is comprised of socially conscious individuals that believe in the authentic spirit of service and philanthropy. 


Making a Difference


On November 7, 2019,  The Vintage Foundation, Inc. hosted an Economic Forum with three other Sponsors to help bring awareness to the economic disparities plaguing our communities. During the Forum, attendees were provided research data and analysis intended to empower them to become an integral part in solving pressing economic issues such as economic mobility and the increasing wealth gap.  

Kendra Scott Launch

The Vintage Foundation, Inc. was honored to be the selected Nonprofit partner for Kendra Scott's Charlotte 2019 Spring Launch. The Launch was held at the Kendra Scott Store in Southpark Mall on January 23, 2019 and was a huge success. 

20% of all sales were donated to The Vintage Foundation, Inc. for the purpose of serving and improving the community.

A sincere thank you to Kendra Scott Southpark and those who attended for their support of this wonderful event.

A portion of the proceeds from the Kendra Scott Spring Launch Event were donated to Sugar Creek Charter School on 12/15/2019.

Making a Difference


Board Members presenting donation to Sugar Creek Charter Director, Evelyn Richardson, (Center) with Magic of Christmas Founder (Second from right).


Magic of Christmas gifts donated for Sugar Creek Charter students by Sponsors in the local community. Dinner was also provided for the students and their families.

Making A Difference


Board Members visiting Florence Crittenton Services (FCS) to donate items to their Clothes Closet. Pictured with FCS Development Director, Sarah Hyde.


Items that Board Members delivered and donated to the Florence Crittenton Services Clothes Closet. Items donated are for female residents living in Foster Care.

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Nikki Fleming   

Densel Fleming   

Nina Jackson  

Christy Long  

Cynthia Alexander  ​  

​Ashley Walker 

Bettye Monroe

Community Outreach

Board of Directors

Board of Directors


The Vintage Foundation, Inc. hosted an Economic Forum on November 7, 2019 as a component of our Economic Empowerment efforts. The Forum was held at The Harvey B. Gantt Center and was a tremendous success. Attendees received valuable information, along with a complimentary copy of the book authored by the Presenter, related to economic trajectories and given tools to help address economic disparities, one important tool being the PHD Framework, which means to Purchase, Hire and Deposit. The Forum was extremely impactful for all in attendance and inspired a renewed sense of commitment to addressing economic disparities. #Give #Serve #Help #Share #Support


Board of Directors



Florence Crittenton Services 

Freedom School Partners

March of Dimes

Susan G. Komen 

Sugar Creek Charter School

Mental Health America of The Carolinas

Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund

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Community Events


Please join the Members of The Vintage Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors and other female Charlotte leaders from the Junior League of Charlotte, Women's Impact Fund and Share Charlotte on September 16th from 5:30PM-7:30PM at 2905 Griffith Street for #WomenGiveCLT. It is destined to be an inspiring evening!

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Your generous support will enable us to fulfill our Mission of helping individuals in need. No amount is too great or too small and by donating to The Vintage Foundation, Inc., you will play an active role in regenerating the collective spirit of Giving Back.

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